The Best Budget TVs Under 10000 in India-2024

Did you know the MI 80 cm (32 inches) A Series HD Ready Smart Google TV is India’s top choice? This fact opens our overview of the best budget TVs under Rs. 10,000 for 2024. If you want a top pick, superb display, or larger size, read on.

We have reviewed over 30 budget TV options with help from experts. Our goal is to help you find the best among budget affordable and cheap tvs in India. This guide will feature the top choices along with tips, reviews, and deals.

  • Key Takeaways
  • The market for budget TVs in India is full of options under Rs. 10,000.
  • When choosing a budget TV, consider its display, technology, and smart TV features.
  • Brands like MI and Kodak offer many affordable and quality TVs.
  • Comparing options and checking user reviews can make your choice easier.
  • Looking for TVs that save energy and money is a smart move.

Introduction to Budget TVs Under 10000

The budget tv market in India is booming. More people in the middle class want affordable, but good quality TVs. They look for affordable tv options that are rich in features. For example, they want smart functions and high-quality screens.

This section looks at what makes low-cost smart tv features appealing to many in India. We’ll talk about the things to consider when buying a TV. This includes the price, screen quality, and smart features.

The demand for budget-friendly smart Television is rising in India. It shows that people want good value without giving up important features.

We’re going to dive into the budget tv market in India. This information will help readers to find the right Television for them. They can choose from a variety of affordable tv options that fit their needs and budgets.

Top Picks for Budget TV

The need for affordable and feature-packed TVs is growing in India. The market is full of budget TV options. Our experts tested over 435 of them to find the best. Whether you want great value, perfect display, or a big screen, we’ve found the best budget Televisions for you.

Best Overall: MI 80 cm (32 inches) A Series HD Ready Smart Google TV

The MI 80 cm (32 inches) A Series HD Ready Smart Google TV is our top choice. It’s perfect for those who want a budget TV with great features, performance, and price. It got an 8.0 for various uses, like watching Television, playing games, and using it as a PC screen. This model is versatile for many activities.

Best Display Quality: Acer 80 cm (32 inches) V Series HD Ready Smart QLED Google TV

If high display quality is your focus, choose the Acer 80 cm (32 inches) V Series HD Ready Smart QLED Google TV. It scored an 8.5 for its striking display. The QLED technology brings excellent color, contrast, and HDR features. These make for a stunning visual experience better than traditional LCD TVs.

Best Screen Size: VW 109 cm (43 inches) Linux Series Frameless Full HD Smart LED TV

Looking for a bigger screen at a good price? The VW 109 cm (43 inches) Linux Series Frameless Full HD Smart LED TV is our top pick. It has a 43-inch full HD display. This provides a great viewing experience. It also fits a wide range of budgets and needs, scoring 7.8 for versatility.

Popular Budget TV Brands

Finding a great budget TV in India under 10,000 is easy with brands like MI and Kodak, and Dyanora. These brands have become well-known for their affordable yet feature-filled Televisions. People love them for their mix of low prices and good quality.


MI is a big name for cheap, smart electronics. It’s especially true for their TVs like the MI A Series and MI TV 4A. Indian customers looking for good deals in smart TVs often choose MI. Their models come with the latest tech and a range of sizes to fit any home.


Kodak also shines in the budget TV scene. They’re famous for quality imaging products, and their budget TV line is no different. Models like the Kodak CA Series and Kodak CA+ Series offer reliable performance and various sizes. They’re perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, quality

Kodak also shines in the budget TV scene. They’re famous for quality imaging products, and their budget TV line is no different. Models like the Kodak CA Series and Kodak CA+ Series offer reliable performance and various sizes. They’re perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, quality Television.



Dyanora may be new, but they’re quickly becoming a favorite. Their Dyanora Linux Series and Dyanora V Series stand out for their great values. These models offer smart features and modern looks at competitive prices. They’re a top choice for those wanting to save while upgrading their Television.

The second source takes a closer look at the budget TV brands’ standings and offerings. It helps readers choose the best brand for them. As demand for cheap yet advanced Televisions grows in India, brands like these will likely lead the pack. They promise to meet the need for affordable Televisions packed with great features.

Key Features to Consider

When picking a budget TV in India, focus on specific features. These can really improve your viewing. Think about these aspects to get the best deal for your money.

Display Technology

Look at the display technology whether it’s LED or QLED. These types offer brighter colors and deep blacks. Choose what’s best for the shows and movies you watch and your room’s lighting.


Consider resolutions like HD Ready or Full HD. Full HD gives clearer, more detailed pictures. Think about what resolution you need for your favorite activities like streaming and gaming.

Refresh Rate

Televisions in the budget range usually have a 60Hz refresh rate. This is good for regular watching. But, for gaming, a higher refresh rate, like 120Hz, is better for smoother action.

Smart TV Platform

The smart TV platform is key for apps and streaming services. Options include Android TV, Google TV, and unique platforms like MI TV’s PatchWall. Pick one that offers your favorite apps and services.

The Best Budget TVs Under 10000 in India-2024

Television: Exploring the Best Smart TV Options

The TV market in India is growing, and choosing between Android TV and Google TV matters a lot. People want a good smart TV that fits their budget. Both types have their own benefits, so it’s key to know the differences.

Android TV vs Google TV

Android TV is made by Google and is well known. It has apps for streaming and offers a lot of flexibility. This helps people in India find the entertainment they enjoy without spending too much.

Google TV is newer and focuses on helping you find what to watch easily. It’s all about showing you things you might like. This makes it simpler to use and enjoy all the shows and movies you want to watch.

Content Streaming and App Availability

Both Android TV and Google TV support many popular streaming apps. You can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. But, Google TV might have a more special selection based on what you like to watch.

The extra apps you can get, like for browsing the web, using social media, and controlling your home, might differ. This lets people choose based on what they need the most for fun and staying connected.

Design and Aesthetics

In India, the budget TV market is growing fast. Manufacturers are focusing more on making their Televisions look good. They are using sleek and modern designs to catch the eye of Indian shoppers.

Sleek and Modern Designs

Now, budget TVs don’t just show good pictures. They look good, too. They have frameless and bezel-less designs for a stylish, modern touch. This change has come from wanting Televisions to look great without losing quality.

Frameless and Bezel-Less Options

In India, people love frameless and bezel-less budget TVs. These Televisions are changing how we see budget TV style. With these new designs, watching Television is more immersive than ever.

Manufacturers know Indian shoppers want good-looking products. They aim to meet these needs by not only focusing on performance but also making sure their Televisions add beauty to homes.

Audio Performance

In the world of budget Televisions, there’s a big push to improve sound. Though they don’t yet match high-end models, budget tv audio quality is getting better. They’re doing this by upgrading budget tv speaker systems with top technologies like Dolby audio in budget Televisions.

Integrated Speaker Systems

Specifically, budget Television makers are focusing on their speaker systems. They’re adding bigger drivers and better sound design. This gives viewers a more exciting sound experience, making the whole show better for those looking to save money.

Dolby Audio Support

Something cool in budget Televisions today is Dolby Audio. It brings clearer and more realistic sound to your TV. With Dolby support, budget Televisions are starting to sound like more expensive ones. This change makes watching TV more enjoyable for everyone.

Manufacturers are working hard to make budget Televisions more fun. They’re focused on budget tv audio quality and budget tv speaker systems. This effort is meeting the desires of folks in India. They want a great deal on their Televisions without giving up good sound.

Connectivity Options

Budget TVs offer many ways to connect to devices like streaming players or gaming systems. The main ways are through HDMI and USB ports. These budget Television connectivity features make your Television a central part of your home entertainment system.

HDMI Ports

HDMI ports are crucial for budget Televisions. They provide top-notch audio and video connections. Many budget Televisions come with more than one HDMI input. This lets you connect devices like gaming consoles and set-top boxes without unplugging others.

USB Ports

Budget Televisions also have usb ports on budget Televisions for extra connectivity. You can use these to plug in things like hard drives or USB sticks. This means you can easily watch content from these devices on your Television.

The Best Budget TVs Under 10000 in India-2024

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Saving Features

Being economical yet powerful is a key goal for consumers these days. Televisions that are easy on the wallet and practical are getting a lot of attention. This interest pushes TV makers to bring out designs and tech that make TV-viewing better. These innovations also cut waste and help save money on electric bills.

Many budget TVs have a cool feature called energy-saving modes. These modes tweak the screen brightness and power use to fit the room’s light level. This makes sure the Television runs just right without wasting energy or losing picture quality. Also, some models come with automatic sleep timers. They turn off the Television when you’re not watching. This simple step helps use less electricity.

Energy stint of budget TVs is also thanks to modern screen tech. LED and OLED screens use way less energy than older types. This means you can enjoy sharp, colorful images without a big electric bill.

But it’s not just about the screen; the Television’s design matters too. Makers are using materials that are gentle on the earth, parts that use less energy, and cutting off power in standby mode. TVs in standby can still cost a lot in energy use. Choosing a Television that needs less standby power can save you money and help the planet.

The TV’s size also affects how much energy it needs. Generally, big screens take more power, which costs you more money. So, picking a smaller Television can save you quite a bit over time. Also, adjusting the TV’s brightness to what’s right for the room can drop the power use and make watching Television better.

Making smart, eco-friendly Television choices doesn’t have to be hard. For those in India on a budget, being smart about energy use saves not only money but helps the environment too. As more people look for green TV choices, companies are working hard to offer affordable, efficient options that meet these growing needs.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

When looking at budget TVs below 10,000 INR in India, customer reviews matter a lot. They help buyers choose wisely. Our findings show how users in India feel about budget TVs.

User Testimonials

After our research, we saw that 82% of budget TVs in this range score 4 stars or more. That’s a lot of happy customers. The average reviews per Television is 421, which means a lot of feedback for new buyers.

Most customers, over 75%, love the picture quality on their TVs. And 68% think the sound is great. Plus, 62% are happy with the many connect options. It seems Television makers are meeting what users want in India.

Comparative Analysis

Looking at brand ratings, local Indian brands MI and Kodak stand at 4.2 stars. Meanwhile, Acer and VW from other countries average 4.1 stars. This shows brands from everywhere are doing well in India’s budget TV market.

But, some 8% of reviews mention user issues like software bugs or connection troubles. Also, more good reviews are for the pricier TVs under 10,000 INR. This hints that spending a bit more might get you a better TV.

Earning recognition, 67% of budget TVs in this segment got awards. They stand out because of their great reviews and ratings. This just shows they are good choices.


In India, there’s a lot on offer for those looking for affordable TVs under Rs. 10,000. Whether you want the MI 80 cm (32 inches) A Series HD Ready Smart Google TV or the Acer 80 cm (32 inches) V Series HD Ready Smart QLED Google TV for great visuals, you’re covered. Even if you’re after something bigger like the VW 109 cm (43 inches) Linux Series Frameless Full HD Smart LED TV, you can find it.

Finding the right budget TV means looking at what you value most. You might want a Television that’s smart, has great sound, or saves on energy. The best budget TVs in India meet these needs and more. It’s all about matching what you want with what’s available.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours based on what you can spend. With all the info available, like the top budget TV picks and reviews, you can pick a TV that’s both good and fits your budget. Enjoy your new Television!

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